Dear participatns of WORLD CUP in SLOVAKIA, on the 25th September 2021,

We are hoping you are all doing well and that you are ready for the new competition season!

Due to the complicated COVID-19 regulations we are  preparing all necessary steps to secure a smooth agenda of the WORLD CUP held in Slovakia.

In order to be prepared to make the best service for our atendees, please be so kind and inform us about:

  1. The number of expected participants on our competition
  2. What kind of covid regulations we/us together have to follow up according to measures in your country
  3. Asap about the exact dates, means of transportation etc. of your arrival/departure

We are working on having special COVID-19 testing team on the spot, so you will be able to make a PCR or an AG test right in place on the date of the competition, and of course, you will get your results as well. Further detailed information will follow.

Current regulations for visiting Slovakia are:

  • Register here
  • You will need to be at least 2 weeks after 2nd Vaccine from Pfizer/Astra Zeneca or 3 weeks after 1 Vaccine from Johnson & Johnson, or 72 hours valid PCR TEST

You will receive your arrival confimation of participation on the WORLD CUP in advance.

DUE to the COVID regulations there will be restricted number of guests in auditorium. In order to secure the best service, please make reservation for particular number of tickets on email adress: PRICE of the ticket is 10€, no kids free.

Please do not hesitate to contact us in case you have any questions.

Have a lovely rest of the summer!



Organization team

Mobil: 00421 903 424 043